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SX3 Debt Settlement Software: security.

Version 3.0.


SX3 built in security:


Often, when system administrators think about security of data, the first thing that comes to their minds is "data backup", but what about "content"? Professional Debt Settlement Companies should be concerned about keeping the content of their databases secure.


One Debt Settlement Case file contains enough sensitive information to leave a Client vulnerable in so many ways to identity theft if it gets stolen. Your Clients will really appreciate all the possible measures you may take to protect them.


When you acquire your license of SX3 Debt Settlement & Settlement Software you receive a complete set of security features that go from user's security restrictions to a physical USB dongle key that protects the access to the data.



Users' restrictions.


You can allow/deny, per user, access to modules, records or functions in the system. For example, you can specify whether a user can access only his/her own cases or cases of the group he/she belongs to or all the cases of his/her Branch Office or the entire database. You can also specify if a user can only preview cases or can edit (make changes) to them.


There are many features and access to data that you can setup per user. Please contact us and request a private online live  demo to find out how the security levels of SX3 Debt Settlement can help you establish your data access policies.



Physical security.


With every license that we sell, we also provide a physical USB dongle key that must be connected to the data server or one of the stations in order for the system to work. Users cannot even log into the program if the physical key is not plugged to one of the computers on the network!


Imagine this, what if a person breaks in your office and takes a copy of your database? this person could steal your business or affect your Clients adversely using the sensitive information stored in your database. But what if YOU HAVE the key to the program? it won't matter if they take the entire server, without the SX3's key and its proprietary built in security technology nobody will be able to open the program to break into your database, period.


This is the best way to protect your business, your Client's sensitive information and to offer a better service, putting your Company on a higher level of service. This technology is only available from SX3 Software!





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