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The Industries' most complete & professional HAMP Pre-Qualifier software available!

Version 3.0


With the SX3 HAMP Pre-Qualifier Version 2.0, SX3 Software offers the industry’s most powerful and complete step-by-step Loan Modification Client Pre-Qualification tool available. This product is aimed to Attorneys, Document Preparers, Tax Preparers, Realtors and other Professionals that don't want, or cannot offer, the complete backend loan modification processing.


Business Model:


With the ever increasing regulations to the Loan Modification Industry, many Companies are turning their backend processing operations into the HAMP Pre-Qualification Business; this complicated and technical process offers an intricate path to Homeowners.


Many Companies are offering the Pre-Qualification Service ONLY (not backend processing, no negotiations, no Homeowner representation) that consists on using our unique HAMP Pre-Qualification System to generate a comprehensive report that immediately tells Homeowners if they are Pre-Qualified.


Since there is no Counseling, Representation, Negotiations or Calls to the Lenders, Companies capitalize their income by charging a Pre-Qualification Service Fee for the usage of the Software Tool that generally starts on $300 per Case. Some cases can be entered in the system in just 20 minutes!


While in the Loan Modification business, Service Companies and Professionals capitalize their income only until the end of the process, whit this new tool, you can charge an upfront fee for the "Pre-Qualification Only!", fast and easy.


This product offers a complete new approach to the Loan Modification Industry, allowing you to generate a complete HAMP Pre-Qualification report for your Clients, based on the Home Affordable Mortgage Program guidelines and the FDIC's NPV (Net Present Value) Model.



What is what your Clients receive?


Your Clients will receive a professionally designed, itemized report that indicates the sections of the HAMP Guidelines that they are approved for, the complete FDIC's NPV Model printout that indicates a "Pass or Fail" status, a Detailed Financial Statement Report, a Detailed Assets and Liabilities Reports and the completed HAMP Application Form (RMA) that can be presented to the Lenders.


Combine these characteristics and you will be offering the peace of mind and certainty that Homeowners are looking for before they apply for a Loan Modification.


Contact us to receive a free demonstration of this product and start generating income today!


Our prequalifier takes into account all the guidelines of the HAMP/HOPE/HAFA program and walks the user through, making sure the user gets the correct results. Everything in the same module, under the same set of screens, guiding the user step-by-step towards the HAMP process!






Developed around the Home Affordable Mortgage Program Guidelines (HAMP).


Calculates and Prints the NPV (Net Present Value) based on the FDIC NPV Model.


Presents color coded mortgage alternatives (Interest Rates, Payments, DTIs) based on each Homeowner's conditions.


Allows you to save multiple models of Hardship Letters.


Preloaded with the forms required to apply for a Loan Modification and Short Sale.


Offers a unique, very easy to use user's interface in English/Spanish selectable per User.  


Offers a guided, step-by-step interview process that allows your Employees to do the job within a secure environment.


Store your Cases and Reprint reports as needed.


One license for an unlimited number of network users.


Installation, Setup and Technical Support are included at no additional cost*.


Provided with live online training.



Download Files:



Web Site Template Web Site, ready to use.


Sample Report - English (PDF format)


Analysis Application Form - English (PDF format)


Promotional Flyer 1 - English (PDF format)


Promotional Flyer 1 - Spanish (PDF format)


Download Adobe PDF Reader (PDF Reader allows you to read PDF files)



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Fast implementation:

Professional USA based Tech Support via Telephone & Email.

Your license & database installed the same day by our Professional Tech Department.

The most accurate and complete HAMP Pre-Qualifier available!

Easily upgrade to the full Loan Modification & Short Sale Software.

The most powerful, flexible and manageable HAMP Pre-Qualifier system in the industry.

Staffed Company with Clients worldwide.






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SX3 Software is not affiliated to the Treasury Office of Financial Stability (OFS) nor the Home Affordable Mortgage Program (HAMP). The HAMP Prequalification Analysis

Report is a report that reflects the situation of the homeowner (and estimations) based on the guidelines of the HAMP which are available online and the information provided

by the homeowner.